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- am a seventeen-year-old from Denmark. Drawing is one of the things I enjoy the most, and I occasionally post my works here among others. My main focus is traditional arts, but I wish to get more practice at digital and pixels as well.
Feel free to write me for whatever reason you may or may not have, I don't mind at all and will be sure to reply. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ♥

Stickers are up for sale! by ramuramu

Keir by ramuramu

Frequently Asked Questions

- If you have any questions that are not listed, feel free to ask.

Do you do commissions/trades/requests? - In the rare case that any are open, it will probably be somewhere on my page or announced in a journal. If there isn't anything, reckon that none are open.

Do you do tutorials? - I only have a single tutorial-ish thingy, but will try to make more for the future. If you would like me to explain something, just ask and I'll try to answer. Or else you can suggest me to do a specific tutorial ~

How long does it take you to finish a drawing? - I have a really bad sense of time, but I do spend a long time on my drawings. Because I'm slow, yep. I'd say it varies between 1 - 10 hours most of the time. And yes, that is a lot of variation. //falls

For how long have you been drawing? - I've liked drawing as far back as my memory goes, but it has been very on/off. I've especially gotten more into it the last 3 - 4 years. I've done digital drawing for about 2 - 3 years, but much less frequently as you can see ahahah.

What do you use for your traditional drawings? - I use a variety of copics, multiliners, watercolours, ink, coloured pencils, tea and coffee most frequently. The paper I use is either from Bog&Idé (for copic-only drawings), or watercolour papers from Hanemühle, Canson and Bockingford.
You can check what medias are used in the description of a specific drawing.

What do you use for your digital drawings? - My tablet is a small Wacom Intuos Pen, the software I use is Paint Tool SAI.

What do you use for scanning your drawings? - I think the scanner I have is a HP b110, I edit the raw scans in SAI afterwards to get the right balance of light/colour.

Do you want to join my contest? - Most oftenly I probably won't have the time for it, but you are always free to ask and link me to the contest, as I do like to have a look at them just in case it really piqued my interest!

May I draw one of your characters? - Gladly! Getting art of any characters of mine is always sure to make me happy. ( u v u )

May I use one of your characters for rp purposes? - No, please don't, unless I have given you my approval, in which case it is okay.

May I draw after one of your works? - If for practicing purposes, I really don't mind, just please make sure to give proper credits wherever it is due. Feel free to show me if you do make anything, I would love to see.

Have you been / are you studying art, taking classes, etc? - I wish, but no... ( TT ▽ TT ) I hope to do so in the future, but so far I am self taught.

Is Amine your real name? - It is, yes.

Do you have any speedpaints or other videos? - I'm afraid not, I hope to at some point though. ( ; w ; )


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On hiatus, sorry! Pls contact through facebook if urgent.

Welcome To My Page

- and thank you for dropping by! ( ´ v ` )
Perceiving Time by ramuramu
Box of Pandora by ramuramu
Boy of Roses by ramuramu

Please Don't Thank Me For The Llama

- I take part in llama groups and also give them out to people who fave/watch/etc, I would much rather talk to you about something else than a llama if you choose to comment. ( ´ ▽ ` );;
It will always make me super happy to get one in return. ♥



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